Desert Safari

Imagine going on a roller coaster ride over the golden dunes in the desert. This off-road adventures takes you through some of the most dramatic terrain in the country. On this journey we pass through traditional villages and towering dunes. En route we visit a camel farm and stop for the sunset.
Leaving behind the bustle of the city we reach our camp site, where a traditional Arabian welcome, awaits you. Stroll through the mini souq and bargain for some some local handicrafts and souvenirs. Relax on the comfortable low cushions and quench your thrust. Take a joy ride on camel backs around the camp or enjoy the aromatic shisha.

While you relax, a feast of grilled meats, fresh salads and delicious Arabic sweets will be prepared for you from our kitchen, you will be entertained by the bewitching belly dancer swaying to the tantalizing Arabic music. Relax under the galaxy of stars and enjoy the enhancing Arabian night. Sand Sky & Dune Buggy available as request with over charge.

DESERT SAFARI With VIP Service & Set Up – Adult: 399 dhs – Child: 349 dhs

DESERT SAFARI With VIP Service & Set Up With UNLIMITED BEER & WINE – Adult: 499 dhs

Trip Duration Evening Hours
Adult Price Land Cruiser: 299 DHS
Child Price Land Cruiser: 249 DHS
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